2024 Board


President                               Carol Coelho

Vice President                      Kathy Gordy

Treasurer                              Rita Roberts

Secretary                               Phyllis Boyle

Membership Director         Pat Wells

Communications                 Phaedra Durost

Publicity Director                Cindy Swisher

Events                                   Nancy Jones & Rita Carafello

Dinners planned by            Ann    Fitzpatrick

Lunches planned by           Martie Collins      

Social Supper                      Phyllis Boyle

Lunch at the club               Carol Coelho                   

Webmaster                          Jack Casto                        

Reviewed, Revised and Approved by the Celebrators’

Board of Directors/Executive Committee


  • Has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of Club
    operations (financial and otherwise) to ensure the Board acts conscientiously
    and in the best interest of the Club members.
  • Creates meeting agendas.
  • Leads membership meeting.
  • Leads the monthly Board meeting.
  • Asks for volunteers when needed (For instance,
    printing name tags and membership cards, assistance with community events, spearheading
    special Club projects, etc.).
  • Backup signer for Treasurer on bank account.
  • Backup for Vice President for speaker scheduling.

Vice President:

  • The VP assumes the responsibilities of the President
    in his/her absence.
  • Attends all Board and member meetings.
  • Is responsible for scheduling speakers for
  • Backup signer for Treasurer on bank account.


  • Takes notes during the meetings.
  • Provides the member meeting minutes to the Webmaster
    Chair to post to the website.
  • Backup email sender for Communications Chair.
  • Backup signer for Treasurer on bank account.


  • Writes checks to pay for expenses.
  • Balances account(s).
  • Reports on financial status to Board monthly.
  • Reports on the Club’s financial status at the
    monthly members’ meeting quarterly each February (previous year-end), May,
    August, November.
  • Oversees annual IRS tax filing.
  • Makes deposits.
  • Helps collect all monies from membership.
  • Assists membership director as needed.

Membership Director:

  • Collects the dues from the Celebrators.
  • Keeps list and count of membership.
  • Provides information to volunteer who is responsible
    for printing name tags and membership cards – both new and replacements.
  • Backup signer for Treasurer on bank account.
  • Assists Treasurer as needed.

Event Co-Chairs:

  • Events will only be held if enough volunteers sign up
    to manage it Volunteers do the work and report to the Event Co-Chair their
    status and to ask for help with decisions, funding or issues.
  • One of the Event Co-Chairs will oversee each event as either
    the Board Liaison or the actual Event Coordinator.
  • The Event Co-Chairs will select an “Events Committee” and
    hold meetings to help identify ideas for outings and special events.  A list of these activities will then be presented
    to the Executive Committee for approval. 
    Information should include an estimated cost to the club and/or number
    of members expected to participate.
  • The Event Co-Chairs will ask for a volunteer to
    coordinate the event who will in turn create a team/committee to help plan,
    organize and host each event.  A
    team/committee can either formed for each event or consist of a core group with
    members added, if necessary, for larger undertakings.
  • The Event Co-Chairs and/or the Event Coordinator will
    provide all details to the Communications Chair and arrange for sign-up sheets
    asking for volunteers for each event team/committee and/or the event itself. 
  • A volunteer, appointed by the Board, will schedule and
    run ongoing events such as the monthly lunch, dinner, happy hour, new-comers
    luncheon, etc.

Publicity Chair:

  • Writes and submits monthly article for the Celebration
  • Maintains the club’s “Information Table” at the
    monthly meeting to ensure that the items are current and correct.
  • Creates signage for the information table to draw
    attention to sign-up, sheets for outings and events, volunteer opportunities,
  • Notifies the Executive Committee and the membership of
    any ideas were found in the “Suggestion Box” at the monthly meeting.
  • Creates or drafts any changes to the brochures, club
    communications, forms, etc. as needed and arranges for production as necessary.
  • Sends out “Welcome Letter” to new members.

Webmaster Chair:

  • Posts information on events provided by Event
    Co-Chairs including photos.
  • Posts official records such as meeting minutes.
  • Maintains and updates website’s general information as

Communications Chair:

  • Works with other members of the Executive Committee to
    ensure information is communicated to our members in a timely manner, primarily
    through emails utilizing Constant Contact.
  • Works with Membership Director to ensure that the
    club’s member and Constant Contact lists are correct and current.
  • Maintains email groups on shared TheCelebratorsFLA@gmail.com email account and on the Constant Contact account.
  • Monitors and responds to all incoming emails.
  • Creates sign-up sheets for both special and ongoing
    events for the Information Table. 
  • Updates sign-up sheets (ie. cancellations, last minute
    reservations, etc.) during registration period.
  • Places updated sign-up sheets in the appropriate
    folder on the drive every time updates are made.
  • Works with Treasurer and Membership Director to track
  • Sends email reminders to all event participants prior
    to the cut-off date for special events and/or trips and meals with notice time
    as appropriate for the event/trip/meal.
  • Finalizes participation list immediately prior to
    event and forwards same to the President, Event Co-Chairs and Event Coordinator
    (if different than one of the Event Co-Chairs) for special events/trips or to
    the volunteer running an on-going event. 
    List should include any participants who have not paid.

At Large:

  • Contributes to the decision-making process during
    Executive Committee meetings.
  • Liaison between the Celebrators and Life Long